Parsh Studio :

Having decided to pair up with a web developer to be able to deliver a fuller range of products to the clients, I faced a challenge of creating a branding for our duo. After coming up with a name – parsh studio, which incorporates first letters of both of our surnames (Pomieczynska and Romanski), I started to work on the logo. I wanted it to be clean and simple, yet versatile – I was looking for something that could be easily turned into patterns and eventually, when we get to building our own website, could animate well.

OLD logo

The first version was strongly influenced by Malevich exhibition that I saw in Tate earlier that year. Being able to view his works live had an enormous impact on me and thus I went slightly overboard with drawing influence from Suprematism while creating the logo.



It didn’t take me very long to see faults in the design – not only did it look somehow forced and queer, but also clashed with our actual work that we wanted to showcase. Creating identity for our creative duo proved to be much more tricky than I anticipated. Approaching it as a matter of total freedom at the beginning, I missed the mark entirely. Having understood that, I changed my thinking and decided to take more of a Warde’s crystal goblet attitude.

Thus, I came back to the beginning and this time created a brief for myself – after discussing the core values of our services with my partner, we both agreed we wanted the branding to emphasize the more digital side of what we offered. I ended up choosing the vivid RGB blue as our main colour and creating a very simple logo based on diagonal lines often used as a pattern for shading – in the end I wanted it to stay in the background, not overpower the projects on display.








Having the logo ready, I focused on our resumes. I wanted it to be very visual yet clean and easy to read. I created a consistent iconography and applied it to both cvs. Afterwards, I designed the business cards. I haven’t had a chance to print them though – the resume I designed proved to be quite effective and my web-savvy partner was employed full-time soon enough.

cv-parsh cv1 cv2