BEMA 4 :

Bema 4 Dental Centre is one of the best facilities of this kind in Gdynia, Poland and because of the high quality of its services it is widely known among citizens. Up until recently the word of mouth was enough to keep clients coming and thus the owners didn’t find it necessary to invest in conventional advertising or branding of the company. However, after seeing the competition’s online presence they changed their mind and approached me regarding that matter.

The first requirement was to base a logo on the owner’s initials – MK. The challenge I faced was to combine this with the entirely unrelated name of the facility (Bema 4 Dental Centre). After a failed attempt at convincing the client to change their mind about the essence of the branding, I got to work.

logo wersje-01

In the final version I tried to keep the initials as abstract as possible, without losing their legibility – that matter was extremely important to the client. I ended up making it smooth and rounded, in order to hint the shape of a tooth. As far-fetched as it might have been, it gave me some leverage – I then researched the colours associated with dentistry and decided to go with the most obvious one – green – to make the reference to dentistry as strong as possible within my limited means.

nast-wizyta-mockup-strona bema-mockup1-strona ipad-mockup-strona macbook-mockup-strona